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Welcome to our Green Goes with Everything forum section! We created this page in order for us to tackle everything that can help our nature. You are free to post and message everything about it, just avoid using unnecessary words. We encourage everyone to join the discussion with other fellow nature lovers. Please enjoy!

There are many causes of worry to our environmentalists, eco-activists and human beings like you and me, such as the issues of global warming, decreased rainfall and a lot more. All we can do is to cooperate and do what we can do in order to heal and preserve the natural resources. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, we can do our part. However, these three simple words are not enough sometimes because we simply fail to responsibly perform even one out of the three. I am so dismayed that people are lacking in responsibility to preserve the natural resources whein fact they are needed the most to be able to live.

The sad truth indeed! Well, as a human being I admit I’m not perfect and I sometimes do not perform these three words regularly. However, with all our might, slowly step by step I am learning and applying it although not regularly but still, I know to myself that I am helping.

@jane, you know no one is perfect! And because we’re used in our daily routine, what I mean is like throwing papers, plastics, bottles etc., we can not do these three concepts immediately. At least, even if you’re doing it in a slow step, you are doing your part. I just hope and all the Green Goes with Everything members, you can encourage more people in your area to do the same like you do. The more people who care for nature, the better we can preserve our natural resources.