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Green Goes with Everything - About Us

Green Goes with Everything is governed by a few volunteer board members. The board members meet monthly to discuss many issues about nature and how to solve the problem. Also, they tackle and approve every book we sell on this website. The books we introduce to people is all about nature. Proceeds are going in what we call “nature funds”. Through these nature funds, we’ll be able to maintain the natural resources in our country. Green Goes with Everything is a nonprofit land conservation organization. Our mission is to preserve the natural areas for the benefit of the people of Tucson, Arizona.

Green Goes with Everything currently has employees, and they are responsible for the day to day tasks and operations which include coordinating volunteer manpower, drafting the quarterly newsletter, outreach projects, website development and maintenance, filing tax forms, preparing the annual report, and various other duties.

We are proud to say that we have been given the privilege to maintain several natural areas in the city of Arizona. We allowed people to visit and experience the world of nature where you can go for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, picnic, biking and other fun outdoor activities. However, we highly prohibit any actions that will damage or ruin nature.

Our organization was created in 1995 with the purpose of preserving, and providing public access to natural areas in Arizona. The funding to establish the organization was provided by a grant from the City of Arizona with an amount that was enough to start operations. Other funds come from donations in the community of Arizona.

In our website, you will find various blogs from our bloggers which is all about nature. We also sell books that will help you learn about nature and how to participate in healing and preserving the planet.